Why Waynflete Hall?

I am often asked in messages by folk here, and even by the stars we are talking to, why I picked this small venue for our reunion. After all we could sell each ticket 50 times over with their support and promotion, some of them can pack the O2. Over 30 years ago I came to MCS to teach from Birmingham where I had worked in the night clubs. I fell in love with you lot and remember coming to a school disco. It was crap. The music was all from the charts and people sat around the room as most of it was un-dancable too. I remember thinking we should bring some real club dancing music to Brackley (I had illegally been going to the nightclubs from the age of 15). With this in mind the first of my Discos, Marcus sound was formed with a young music teacher in the school who agreed with me. The next few years were so special, a disco at least once a fortnight and so many wonderful memories for me. People like Richard Pearce introducing me to their electronic music too, the start of the New Wave era etc etc. Slowly, with DJs making music as well as playing it, dance music started to enter the charts through Hip Hop and New Wave bands that we came to love. So back to the first line, why this small venue? Maybe the year after this we will have some big festival with groups playing in different tents and make hundreds of thousands for charity. But THIS event is not about money, it is about memories – OUR memories. It is about a disco taken in Dr Who’s Tardis back in time. If any of these stars supporting us turn up to say hi, they will be greeted not by thousands of unknown faces, but by a very, very special group of folk most of whom had not seen each other in 30 years, who despite their differences, share some very special things in common. Friendship, music and a connection that has spanned some 30 years and will still exist in another 30. A friendship through music that spans ages, race, culture and even the bridge between teacher and students. This first, very special reunion has to be just for us, has to be small and has to be where we spent so many happy hours dancing and sharing music 30 years ago…… or it just would not be how it must be. After this one we can get bigger, not sure as anything will ever be better……..

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  • August 7, 2016 at 11:56 pm

    a few days ago I thought this had got big, how wrong I was, it is big not in the event but in that heart of the people like me that started these reunions. I had to stand back for personal reasons, I’m so amazed with what you guys have done, I can’t wait now to see my old friends, and teachers, and make some new friends and raise some money for a very good charity. well done guys makes me proud to know you and call you friends


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