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A note from Kelly Gavaghan

Good morning ladies and gents.

When Steve Cushing announced that he may well do a Bray Sounds Reunion I approached him and asked if he would be interested in teaming up with me and my organisation H Bomb! Set up to help raise money for people affected by Domestic Abuse which he very kindly and generously agreed to.

I have been actively raising money to help cash strapped refuges since 2008 when I was faced with a court case with an ex -partner who was violent. He was found guilty of 14 counts of Domestic Violence and a further 2 more counts which I brought to light when I was in court. It was a stressful and upsetting time for both myself and my daughter but I wanted to be strong and show my daughter than you can turn something very negative into something very, very positive.  I wanted to show her that you can empower yourself by standing up for your self in life. My organisation; H Bomb! was born and has consisted of numerous bands from North Yorkshire all coming together to hold all day music festival where we also use the opportunity to get the media’s attention by casting light over the grey areas surrounding Domestic Abuse. Domestic Abuse can be same sex partnerships, men beating women, women beating men, and now even teenage partner abuse is on the rise with the same statistic: 1 in 4 teenage girls also experiencing it. We have generated more than £500,000 of PR and Publicity about the subject and I am now an ambassador for the fight against Domestic Violence (DV), regularly called upon by the BBC to give my opinion when there are developments and new laws passed concerning DV.

H Bomb! continued when I moved back to the Brackley area where I teamed up with some amazing DJ’s from the infamous Ultra Vegas and Ministry of Sound and we held a couple of fantastic events in the Club at The Red Lion in Brackley around 3 years ago.

We raised £2,000 which we donated to the nearest refuge – Northampton Christian Family Refuge – who used the money to pay for counselling services and workshops for women and children to try and get them back on their feet and to help them to move past DV. The events also generated around £15,000 worth of free publicity about the cause over BBC Radio, local magazines and newspapers.

By Steve Cushing agreeing to put all of the proceeds from the ticket sales, raffle and auction to the charity we have the opportunity here collectively to raise a very realistic £12,000 – a significant sum of money that is very much needed by the refuge who have had all of their Social Sector Funding pulled and now rely on people like us to raise money and awareness for them.

This is also a fantastic opportunity to get thousands of pounds worth of free publicity across the media to once again highlight the issues of DV and also the fact that the Government has pulled all funding and that the refuges all over the UK are facing closure. Bad news.

Please do watch the video interview below and I hope I can count on your support.
Thank you.



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